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How It Works

  1. Anyone texts in any content to our number 1-844-334-7233
  2. You will be prompted with a message asking you to press 1 to register and 2 to log in.


  • Text 1
  • Reply with your user name
  • Text the number that corresponds to your desired security question.
  • Answer this question.
  • Congratulations its that easy! Now get everyone you know to do the same thing


  • Text 2
  • Answer your security question
  • Text the number corresponding to the action you would like to perform.
  • Each action has been broken down and explained below.


Post Status

Check Group's Status

Add User to Group

Change Security Question/Answer

About Us


Stay in Touch, the winner of the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative-University Bracket Challenge, is a texting service that enables disaster victims and their families ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to establish a connection using ANY MOBILE PHONE. Each potential disaster victim will create a unique account on the automated response system. They can then add any loved one’s username to their group. After a disaster they can login to our service (from any phone) and post a status letting their loved one’s know they are okay, and any additional information that may help others find them. (For example, a new phone number to contact them on, or what shelter they are in.) Moreover, by simply selecting the check group function, they will receive every group member’s most recent status and the time it was sent.

Currently all systems/apps/websites for locating lost loved ones after a disaster, requires an Internet connection. But, in the developing world this is not feasible. Cell phone access has become incredibly wide spread, but Internet access is far behind. This service uses booming cell phone penetrance, instead of relying on the incorrect assumption that most people have access to the Internet. Stay in Touch finally brings an organized solution to the complex problem of locating missing persons.

WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRY OUR SERVICE OUT BY TEXTING ANYTHING TO: 1-844-334-(SAFE) = 1-844-334-7233 (Please let us know if there are any bugs that you find with the service, as well as any suggestions you may have. We understand that it can take between 0-40 seconds for a response to send, and this will only be a problem with the beta version, as we recognize the need for swift efficiency in times after a disaster.)